These days, gasoline prices may be crimping your your household budget. You may like to reduce the U.S. dollars that flow to the Middle East for oil, or perhaps you are motivated by your concern for the environment, or even the nagging reality that oil is a depleting resource that shouldn’t be wasted.

Fuel economy
To put it into prospective, the fuel economy are the numbers posted on the window sticker of a new vehicle. Studies have shown that the average  driver only receives 75 percent or so of the  mileage figures that are on the sticker.

You can use these numbers to determine the best type of vehicle for your purchase. The numbers will let you know how many MPG your vehicle will get, so you can compare vehicles and then go from there.

Hybrid pricing
The gas electric hybrid vehicles are normally priced higher than non hybrid counterparts, anywhere from a couple of thousand dollars to several thousand dollars.

Hybrids can get a lot of miles per gallon, some averaging around 45 – 55. This is great for those who want to save money on gas, as hybrids can go many miles on a full tank of fuel and they come with extended  warranties as well.

Diesel efficiency
Diesel powered vehicles are yet another fuel efficient option. Diesels are known for getting extra mileage from every gallon of fuel. They offer much better torque than many gasoline engines. The price differential they have over gasoline engines are usually much smaller than that of the hybrid.

With plenty of options available, you’re sure to find what you need to help conserve fuel. Before you make a purchase, always remember to shop around and find what’s best for you.